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Founder message

Less is more .

A pithy observation which contains a general truth. It best describes Interno company, as we integrate art, techniques and geometry with all our works and services. We are multidisciplinary, result-oriented general contracting and general trading company with design and construction as our main focus. We are one of a kind, in our goals and our ways of achieving them.

I initially started paying attention to architecture when I was 7 years old and since then it became my passion. After many years of experience in the field, in 2014, I started Interno company, because I saw the missing components in the society. The need to enhance life and give dignity to man through design and construction. The need to pay attention to environment in terms of engineering and sustainable design.

The concept was relatively new and that presented us with many obstacles and yet these challenges pushed us more to go forward and realize the best. We set ground breaking principles, accomplished jobs with international standards and we are committed to continuous improvement.
We work as a team, Interno team, where each and every one of us is valued and vital. In our journey, as we strive to be unique, every achievement we accomplish develops us professionally and adds skills and
qualities to our personality.

Noor A. Hanna

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