Core Values


Our core values have been at the center of the organization. At Interno Company, we are driven by the following core values:

  • Clients are our partners, we value this relationship
  • Respect and support for one another
  • Listen and collaborate
  • Productive, positive and accountable
  • Design excellence, creative, innovative, inspiring
  • Integrity and honesty
  • Co-workers – members of success-driven teams
  • A rock-solid business model


We value our employees and associates.

Therefore we work hard to create an environment that is authentic and compassionate and provides opportunity for individual success.

We value our clients.

Therefore we actively listen to their needs and diligently strive to provide them with the same service as we ourselves would expect.

We value excellence in everything we do.

Therefore we are constantly trying to improve and challenge ourselves as individuals and corporately to ensure continued growth.

We value executing details well.

Therefore great efforts are made to plan effectively and then with thoughtfulness and thoroughness we implement and take action.

We value integrity in all that we do.

Therefore we are open, honest and candid in all of our business practices and are committed to a high ethical standard.

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