INTERNO is an established, Iraq-based, company who specialises in delivering creative ideas & designs. we have designed and furnished homes & villas across Erbil for years.  Our qualified interior designers are highly skilled with many years’ experience.

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We ensure you are completely confident that the actually work when finished and furnished, will work for the way you want live and that all spaces are thoughtfully considered. It’s far better to invest the time upfront to get the design 100% right, a plan review is an opportunity to make crucial and final decisions that will affect the end result.
The lead designers have the expertise to produce all interior CAD drawings in-house, detailing every interior architectural element. This means less time until project completion, and more detailed and accurate designs. By having the vital CAD resource at our fingertips we can detail all interior architectural elements such as kitchen and laundry design, built-in cabinetry, bathroom design and elevations showing architectural detailing and services.

At INTERNO we work collaboratively with all other parties involved in your project from the outset, this is to bring the best possible results in the end as we believe the technical aspect is as equally important to the overall success of the project and we have the knowledge and experience to consider these elements. In our experience, this results in a successful outcome every time, and it is always favoured by our clients from all over Erbil, Iraq.

With so many interior design choices available it can be quite overwhelming, what to choose? What’s the right option for me? Where to start?! That’s where INTERNO comes in. We assist with the selection of all your finishes and fittings – interior and exterior colours and finishes, flooring, kitchen and bathroom finishes, plumbing fittings, lighting, hardware, fireplaces and more. Our experienced management and staff will make this process as easy for you and without having to go through an endless list of irrelevant options.
  • On Time Delivery
  • Transportation Solutions
  • Urban Planning
  • Safety
  • Architecture & Design
  • Water & Environment
  • Quality Assurance
  • Client Service
  • Sustainability
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